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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Cape Cod

It’s a bitter cold morning. You turn on your bathroom faucet, but only a trickle of water dribbles out. It’s a classic sign of a frozen water pipe.


  • Open Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. This allows your home’s warm air to circulate around the pipes.
  • Keep your thermostat at 55 degrees or higher. Even better, don’t lower your thermostat at night.
  • Let lukewarm water drip from the faucet farthest from your water meter
  • or farthest from pipes that have been frozen in the past.
  • Close or seal cold air openings such as indoor valves that supply outdoor hoses
  • Insulate Pipes – Install a pipe sleeve or UL-listed pipe-heating cable, in a pinch wrap pipes in a 1⁄4 inch or thicker layer

Burst Pipes Restoration in Cape Cod

Thaw Frozen Pipes

Open faucets and remove pipe insulation. Then, apply heat to the frozen area nearest the faucet. If using a hair dryer or electric heating pad for this, do NOT stand in water. Another option: wrap the pipe with hot water soaked towels.

If a pipe bursts

Shut off your home’s main water valve. Prepare in advance by labeling the valve and make sure all household members can find it.

Warning: Never use open flames to thaw pipes

An explosion or fire may occur. In one Massachusetts home, a man died in a fire likely due to thawing a pipe with a torch. A smoldering fire burned undetected inside a basement wall until it was too late.


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