At Disaster Specialists we rely on our comprehensive quality control program to gauge our effectiveness with our customers and utilize their comments and suggestions to increase our property damage cleanup performance.

Customer Spotlight

Dear Mr. Lennox,

We are just about halfway through the reconstruction process of our home, and my wife and I felt the urge to congratulate you for the work accomplished by your team. We are extremely impressed with the dedication to the work thus far and are very anxious to see its outcome.

We want you to know that we are very grateful to have had Randy Florence managing the project. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are constantly informed about the project’s status and has been very patient while explaining options along the project’s course. Of course, Randy has been supported by the work performed by all the people at the home, whether they be direct employees of yours or subcontractors. Special mention goes to Phil, Barbara, Dave and especially Joe Felipe for the care they exhibited thus far in putting our house and our lives back together. As you know we could have easily gone with one of the “hot names” in the remodeling/reconstruction universe here in Falmouth, but our gut feelings told us to award the job to your company because it had been in the house for many hours with its dedicated staff and you all had a much more intimate knowledge of what was needed to bring it back to life. Every day I see the rewards we gain from that decision as the project moves on.

If Sue and I can be of use to your firm by offering a testimonial either by letter or by video, we would be happy to explain why your company is the one to choose, not only for cleanup but for reconstruction as well. Please feel free to call on us any time to set it up.

Best regards to you and your staff for a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Philip and Susan DiPasquale

Here is what some of our customers had to say about their experience with Disaster Specialists:

With a roof badly in need of repair & replacement, water leaks from same, my wife and I contacted this local company due to a personal recommendation…Couldn’t have made a better choice! Our project was long with the interior work, but the crew was courteous, thoughtful and helpful with whatever we requested. Total bathroom refit, ceiling repairs to two rooms, part of the master bedroom floor, plaster, paint, tile. All done seamlessly! Only thing that shows is the new paint!

Geoffrey Campbell


To All at Disaster Specialists,

Thank you!  I have owned and managed retail stores on the Upper Cape since 1976. I could only wish that my employees were as good as the employees of Disaster Specialists. Thank for great customer service in our time of need.

Bryan Anderson


Dear Rich,

This is to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the repairs made to my basement following a leak that occurred. In particular I want you to know what a really great help John Gonnella was. Because this was my first encounter with such an incident, to put it mildly I was in a state of panic. John, a very calming influence, answered my questions patiently, kept in touch with me and guided me through a very trying time. Should such a thing happen to anyone I know my first recommendation would be Disaster Specialists.

Thank you for the good work and thank you for John.

Catherine Taylor


Dear Randy,

We have finally put away our now closed files on our “flooding episode” of last September 20th…and Claire and I would like to thank you for all your efforts throughout our “ordeal”. We were especially glad to receive your call that you had received payment for Disaster’s final bill. We had sent a copy of your bill to our insurance company and obviously their procedure was to pay Disaster directly rather then funnel the payment through us. In any event, we were glad this is all finally settled.

Randy…early on I had expressed our compliments on all the Disaster workers…from the initial cleaning up crew who worked so hard in the afternoon and evening of September 20th…and days after that…as well as those taking part in the finish work. Without exception, they were a great group. I had asked you if Disaster would be sending us a “report card” to express our opinions on all these services and, if I recall correctly, you did indicate there would be some sort of follow-up when all had been completed. If that procedure is still in effect, Claire and I would be glad to fill it out giving you and all the representatives of Disaster the highest marks. On the other hand, if this letter will suffice, please pass a copy along to your “chief”.

Thanks again for all your efforts in bringing this to an end…you did a great job! All the best to you, Randy!

Howard and Claire Lane


Dear Mr. Lennox,

This is a short note regarding the remodeling work that your company, Disaster Specialists, Inc. did at my home in Truro, MA during 2008/2009 as a consequence of water damage.

The work your firm and subcontractors did on my home was excellent.

But more important was the way that the job was handled by your project manager, Mr. John Gonnella.

Mr. Gonnella kept my fully informed as to the progress of the job all along the way. He was honest and forthright and turned a very bad disaster into a not-so-unpleasant experience. I would do further work with Mr. Gonnella at any time.

I do not believe that Disaster Specialists could have a better representative to their customers than was Mr. Gonnella, nor could I have asked for a better person to represent your company to me and take care of my job.

I am very please with your choice of Project Manager.

Marvin Cohen


Dear Mr. Lennox,

…”Josh was friendly, knowledgeable and took plenty of time to answer all of my questions and address all of my concerns.  I was also impressed with your crew who did the work – they did a great job! Thanks to All”

Cathleen Fewore